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At six years old my intuitive gifts started to come forward.  At that time I was able to see and hear spirit. My journey towards working with spirit came  years later after  going to have a reading done by a local psychic.  Her message was that I was going to be working as a psychic medium and a rescue medium.  Hearing that just made me laugh and dismiss her information.  Intellectually I couldn’t believe I would be working in a realm that I barely understood and had no intention to work in that venue. Reading everything I could on spirit, psychics, psychic mediums, and almost anything mystical, I kept myself very busy and informed as much as possible on what had become my life mission.  So I began to take classes starting with Psychic Circle.  I had in some way opened many of the clairtuitives (e.g. Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, etc.).  My healing gift was also something that had spontaneously come into play at that time.  One of the courses I’ve taken was first year Kabballah, through the spiritualist centre I frequented.  I joined a meditation circle which opened up the opportunity to take first, second, and third year development classes.  These classes helped me hone my natural gifts and heighten my awareness to the various levels of energy and spirit. Since then I’ve have taught meditation classes, and a 30-week course in intuitive development graduating over 40 students who have gone on to various successful professions including teaching, practicing mediums and healers. I regularly offer weekend spiritual development workshops as well. In addition I have accomplished first, second, third and Master’s in Reiki.  Currently I am teaching students Reiki at level one and look forward to continuing their studies all the way through to Master.

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I was a little bit early for my reading with Star and I heard my phone notify me that I had a text message - It was Star... she knew I was in the wrong building and directed me to the right place!  My friend who was with me looked at me, I looked at her and we were in disbelief!  We asked how she knew and the response was "Of course ~ your Spirit Guides told me!"

J.  December 2013

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